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    Google for Entrepreneurs

    startup presentation

    2018/03/20 - Here we presented the evolution of PROTO from a concept to a creativity tool, showing the key steps for innovators to prove their ideas.

    Innovation Conference

    business modeling

    2017/12/02 - We were honored to host innovators from around Asia in this full-day PROTO business modeling workshop. We played, analyzed and imagined a new innovation roadmap for each of their businesses.

    MBA Workshop

    start up experience

    2017/09/20  - Honored to be invited to Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University's course on "Strategic Organizational Design," giving the students a taste of entrepreneurship & innovation. So brilliant to see their eyes light up and their ideas flow.

    Startup Conference

    innovation workshop

    2018/04/26 - It was an amazing chance to introduce PROTO to all these startup eco-systems from around the world, with passionate international creatives pitching their business ideas in our workshop... a dream come true!!! Thank you Berlin!

    Future Conference

    visioning workshop

    2018/04/01 - What will the future hold for urban dwellers in China? We explored themes of technology, elderly trends, and city life through this 2-hour PROTO workshop with our extremely passionate participants.

    Future Conference

    visioning workshop

    2018/05/28 - Amaaaazing PROTO workshop at Yunqi! Really great to play with so many brilliant young participants in Hangzhou! Particularly proud of our team... nothing like a bit of chaos to demonstrate our team's calm and capability

    Design-Student Workshop

    big-picture mindset

    2018/06/08 - Design-students are often very narrowly focused on solving problems within their field of training. Playing with big-picture scenarios gives them new inspiration and user-centric insights.

    Student Workshop

    start up experience

    2018/02/27 - Playing with the Singaporean students from NUS, interning in Shanghai for one year. It was impressive how fast they were able to pick up the game and start getting creative! Good luck with your internships :)

    Social Innovation

    ideation session

    2018/04/21 - Incredible!!! It was so great to see so many young social innovators playing PROTO and with our new Chinese version (coming soon!)...

    StartUp Bootcamp

    ideation session

    2017/04/03 - Using PROTO to brainstorm with the amazing folks at Le Wagon. There were 3 games of innovation going at the same time, 10+ ideas in the air, plenty of creative storytelling, challenging attacks and eventually 2 winners! Whew!!

    Social Innovation


    2017/12/16 - With Rotary's long-standing legacy of service to others, we were honored to present how PROTO pushes emerging entrepreneurs to consider their social impact in their business.

    Accelerator Program

    start-up workshop

    2018/06/22 - Using PROTO for a 2-day brainstorm with young entrepreneurs at Dalian's CNTM Club Accelerator - Sparking fresh ideas & innovative concepts, based on the game's principle of random collisions..

    Corporate Booster

    integration session

    2018/05/30 - In this workshop, we challenged young professionals from different departments of CCI to think more integrated - bringing a fresh sense of creativity to a tech-focused environment.

    Professional Development

    creativity demo

    2018/01/23 - In this workshop, we challenged young professionals from the "Lifeskills Group of Shanghai" to analyze successful companies, getting them into the mindset of business model innovation.

    Game Design


    2017/11/26 - Hosted by the amazing gentlemen at Press Start Hong Kong, who approach innovation from a game-theory point of view, we were excited to see PROTO featured and used in their workshops.


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