• Introducing PROTO


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  • the Business of Dreams

    In PROTO, you are leading a new creative project / startup,
    competing with other players to build the best business.











  • How is proto played?

    Using the cards as inspiration, players come up with ideas for a business
    and pitch how they want to use each card to attract more users.


    Focus your startup​

    Which user-group are you most passionate about?


    Pitch an idea

    What features and boosters will help you most?


    Get feedback

    How will others react to your ideas?


    Challenge your friends

    How are you going to overcome challenges?

  • imagine any innovation

    Thousands of possibilities

    Fuel your creativity

    Practice your pitching

  • From Uncertainty to Serendipity

    People fear innovation & entrepreneurship because of uncertainty: how do you know if you're going to succeed or fail? PROTO simulates the chaos of the creative process in a fun way: the randomness of the cards, the roll of the dice, or the surprise attacks from other players.


    So much is out of your hands, but what is always within your control are your skills:

    • strategy
    • storytelling and
    • creativity.

    It is these core skills that PROTO aims to cultivate. The game gives an opportunity to practice building an idea into a business, pitching to others, and imagine possibilities from every card.


    PROTO actually inspires players to transform uncertainty into serendipity.


    PROTO can also be used as a tool for business


    Make breakthroughs

    Brainstorm new ideas and discover new opportunities for your business


    Identify talent

    Run through different scenarios to see how interviewees respond on the fly


    Build community

    Play with new friends and connect over a shared passion for innovation

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