• How to play

    Primarily a storytelling game, the cards don't tell you what to do but instead, inspire creative options for your strategy.

  • How to Play PROTO

    PROTO is a game of strategy, creativity and storytelling

    The Start

    Creative storytelling

    From randomly drawn cards, players come up with ideas to pitch, and then get feedback in the form of dice rolls.

    So the more others like their ideas, the more rolls they get.

    The Challenge

    Strategic Storytelling

    Players can also attack each other with crazy entrepreneurship challenges, as well as strategically selecting and planning which cards to use to build up their idea into a business.

    The Winner

    5 Stages of Impact

    Based on their rolls, they move along an "Impact line" to see how many users they've attracted. The winner is the first player to complete the 5 stages of the Impact line:

    1. Concept
    2. Startup
    3. Small Business
    4. Medium Business
    5. World-Class Business

    The Strategy

    Innovation as a Skill

    The secret to PROTO is mastering business improvisation (a.k.a. innovation). The randomness cards of the cards force spontaneity in the storytelling.


    The winner depends on a combination of creativity, salesmanship and strategy.

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