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Ready for the World:

From Chicago to Singapore, from Germany to Saudi Arabia, from Shanghai to Bogata, Columbia... The first stets of PROTO have arrived in the hands of our Kickstarter backers, and we're amazed to hear your creative stories, feedback, and inspirations! We're blown away by your response - Thank you for all your supportive messages!

From concept to finalization, from designs to testing, it's been a long process over the past two plus years. We've dedicated many hours to designing every digital detail with love, prototyping, campaigning, and assembling each set. Now we're really excited to see these packages go out into the world!

So much excitement from our PROTO-Receivers!

Tag us @proto_start - we'd love to hear more of your stories!

Really well conceived game and a lot of fun! thank you and awesome job!
- Emma @ Factory Berlin

Very fun game! As the box says: Creativity, Strategy, Storytelling!

- Johnson Wang @ Startup Weekend

Thank you for creating this fabulous experience for the students, which is life changing!

- Prof. Birgit Suberg @ XJTLU University

Start your story!
Brian & the Let's Make Great! team in Shanghai

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