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Learning through play

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Students interest in entrepreneurship is greater than ever before. Yet, their limited real world experience, the high risks of startup-failure, and the general uncertainty of youth all create formidable barriers. PROTO gives them a playground to test their theories with their peers.

We're honored to have been invited to play with students from the National University of Singapore, Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University, China Jiliang University and students from NPI Social Innovators. In each case, we integrated PROTO into one of their existing courses or social activities.

Through repeated sessions of PROTO, students train and develop their strategic thinking skills, communication skill and are really engaged to sharpen their social awareness... all critical to a successful professional life beyond the campus.

In particular, students and professors have remarked how PROTO actively challenged their:

  • business acumen, 
  • ability to present abstract ideas, and 
  • the vocabulary of the professional world.

As more and more students seriously consider entrepreneurship as a career path, we hope universities consider PROTO as a way to enable their passions.

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Brian & the Let's Make Great! team in Shanghai

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