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Press Release:


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Press Release:
Announcing PROTO, a storytelling card game to inspire innovators. PROTO was co-created over the past 2 years in Shanghai, by Let’s Make Great! and the creative community in Shanghai China.

“Most people don't understand how ideas become businesses” says Let’s Make Great! CEO, Brian Tam. “The journey of entrepreneurship and innovation is a long chaotic, and challenging road. So we wanted to build that uncertainty into a game and give people a way to develop their core innovation skills: creativity, storytelling and strategy.”

PROTO has a few highlights that stand out especially for millennials and other aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Social impact: User groups like seniors, immigrants and females (amongst others) have been built into our USER cards so to gently nudge players to develop for under-served communities.
  • Creative design: Further more, every single card has its own unique infographic to communicate complex ideas into beautiful minimal geometric forms.
  • Realistic challenges: real-life obstacles like piracy, slow product development and economic depressions have been crowd-sourced from interviews with entrepreneurs and corporate innovators.

Mr. Tam continues, “People fear innovation because of the uncertainty but PROTO engages players to play with chaos and develop their skills. Entrepreneurship has the potential to change lives, and PROTO gives players a way to experience that hope.”


About Let’s Make Great!
Let’s Make Great! is a creativity consultancy based in Shanghai, China working with brands to explore and develop their creativity capabilities. Founded in 2013, by 3x TEDx speaker, Brian Tam, the team aims to cultivate the next 100 years of innovation in China through training, consulting and inspirational products like PROTO.

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IG @proto_start
TW @proto_start
FB @protostartupcards

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