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Immersive Innovation For Companies

Kickstart your creative culture with PROTO!

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Every company knows it must innovate, but yet most still struggle mightily with even knowing where to start. What does innovation really mean? How do we cultivate that culture? Where do ideas come from? Furthermore, after years in the same role, department, or industry, our careers train us to focus more and more narrowly. Yet, innovation as a discipline crosses these traditional boundaries.

PROTO gives a way to elevate to a more strategic perspective. As an experiential workshop, we've had CEO's and interns alike challenged with the art of the start, dealing with a variety of imaginative options and opportunities in just one afternoon. Ultimately, PROTO opens their minds to a broader range of creative possibilities.

PROTO cultivated essential mindsets for innovation such as:

  • openness and broader perspectives,
  • reframing feedback and challenges as sources of insight and inspiration,
  • creativity as a way of connecting dots.

Furthermore, after the workshops, participants have started to use PROTO to help them:

  • identify opportunities with their clients,
  • analyze successful cases,
  • develop new business models, 
  • brainstorm potential ideas for client-pitches
  • play in team-building events, 
  • prepare for pitch competitions,
  • match internal co-founders, 
  • map out their strategy road-map,
  • interview new hires,
  • and more!

PROTO gives a way for participants to immerse in innovation; the perfect kickstart to a more creative culture!

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