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PROTO cards are simply building blocks designed to inspire your imagination! You could play with your existing business & market or make up something new & never heard of! During our workshops we hear so many amazing ideas, so... build any business you dream!

Plainly put, PROTO is a conversation starter. We know it will inspire you to start talking about your dreams, start getting feedback, and eventually start changing lives through innovation.

PROTO gamifies the chaos of the creative process: the randomness of the cards, the roll of the dice, and the surprise attacks from other players. This much is out of your hands, but what is always within your control are your skills: strategy, storytelling, and creativity!

The game provides a safe yet challenging opportunity to practice building an idea into a business, pitching to others, and imagining possibilities from any situation. Through PROTO, players cultivate the skills of innovation.

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Brian & the Let's Make Great! team in Shanghai

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