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Coming Together At Conferences

PROTO - A platform for sharing ideas

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Conferences are designed to bring diverse people together. While the two-hour powerpoint lecture still has its place, we prefer a bit more energy and interaction... and that's exactly what a PROTO workshop delivers.

The first conference where PROTO debuted was the 2017 International Innovation Summit and soon after it was TEDx Suzhou, Asia Pacific Week Berlin, and Yunqi 2050 at Alibaba that came calling. For each, it's been an honor!

We've used PROTO to challenge professionals to fuse together their expertise with each conference's unique theme. From the urban futures, to innovation and startup ecosystems... participants in PROTO workshops really engaged, ideated, and discussed in a playful and passionate atmosphere.

Key insights shared by past attendees:

  • a thirst for interactive sessions as a break from passive lecturing,
  • the power of connections to magnify insights and perspectives,
  • the joy of shared experiences beyond "networking," 
  • the way play breaks through traditional roles and expertise.

As the best conferences create a platform for participants to share, PROTO harnesses the collective energy of the room to spark insights and opportunities.

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Brian & the Let's Make Great! team in Shanghai

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